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Vitamin B17 – Laetril – Amygdalin

P13088861849320104mThe story that follows is the story of vitamin B17, which was patented 50 years ago years under the name Laetril or Amygdalin. This was done by biochemist Ernst. T. Krebs.

His struggle to get this natural cure for cancer was officially accepted, and it lasted for a period of the fifties to the seventies of last century. It was a struggle of enthusiasts – physician, biochemist, and some journalists to spread the theory that a “serious disease” – cancer, in fact, is only one deficiency disease, or chronic metabolic disorder caused by lack of a vital ingredient in the diet. Treating with vitamin B17 can be listed as an alternative medicine, like colloidal silver or healing with patchouli oil.

Unfortunately, globalization as a process in which multinational companies are increasingly taking over the control over the drugs and the international media, sealed the flow of information that can inflict damage to the interests of the world’s pharmaceutical profiteers. The emergence of the theory of Dr. Krebs and his alternative cure called Laetril, was called the “charlatanism” and “fraud” by the U.S. Administration for food and medicines (FDA). To the nation have been presented that the medicine is toxic and dangerous. That is when the story of vitamin B17, laetrile, amygdalin (all names denote the same) was sealed. However, with the Internet, which is difficult to control, the story of Ernst T. Krebs, John Berde, Ralf Moza and others was again re-opened.

B17 Vitamin

Finally, anyone who intends to apply this therapy should be aware that: Laetril is NOT a miracle drug. Such a cure for cancer does not exist, not because the cancer not curable, but because the occurrence of cancer is, according to the theory of Dr. Krebs, the overall consequence of metabolic disorders, and cancer is only one visible manifestation of the disorder that begins in one organ and then spreads the entire organism. “Laeteril” (vitamin B17) is only a nutritious ingredient, and by applying it, cancer does not automatically entail.

The B17 vitamin can be primarily found in seeds of berry, apple and stone fruits (apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums, cherries, apples, elderberries) and beans, millet, clover, etc. According to its chemical composition, amygdalin is bimolecular combination of sugar compounds benzaldehyde and cyanide

U.S. researchers and Sloan Kettering 70-ies of last century experimented with laetrile on cancerous rats in a five-year program. He announced that the cancer has spread only 20% of laetril-treated rats as opposed to 80% in those not treated with laetril (vitamin B17, amygdalin). However, their findings were not registered with the U.S. law, and thus remained controversy about the anticancer effects of this alternative medicine. Until a definitive answer on this from comes from other researchers, there remains the unconfirmed potential of this compound, which is not entirely harmless, when looking at the potential side effects. Although many doctors embraced vitamin B17 as a cure for cancer, science has not confirmed these claims as coherent and validated with solid results from researches. Another interesting article on this matter is a graviola article.

Vitamin B17 Side Effects

A small amount of amygdalin (L-mandelonitril-b-Glucuronic acid), which is found in seeds of apricots, apples, cherries, plums is not harmful to health. However, they are not recommended for consumption because they contain cyanide component and natural enzymes such as beta-glucosidase. These enzymes can be neutralized by roasting. Symptoms of poisoning from B17 vitamin (laetril, amygdalin) are:

  • A strong bitter taste in the mouth, nausea
  • Tightness in the chest and a feeling of suffocation
  • Restlessness, dizziness, confusion
  • Headache, convulsions, foam at the mouth
  • Diarrhea, an irregular and rapid heartbeat

If you swallow a larger amount of these seeds (eg, replacing peach seeds for almonds), as well as first aid, drink a glass of milk and contact your doctor for further urgent medical treatment. Similar to placebo effect, at least we can hope that in recent time, there will be enough good will and interest for pharmaceutical companies to invest their funds for researching vitamin b17 (laetril, amygdalin) and getting classified and confirmed results, which can be used later for synthetic production of vitamin b17 (laetril, amygdalin).

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