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More powerful Fucoidan : Fuco-Asher

More powerful Fucoidan : Fuco-Asher
We can no longer compete with general fucoidan products. We now have to compete with reinforced ingredients, quality and efficacy. Fucoidan started to become popular when the Japan society of oncology introduced the Apoptosis inducing effect of fucoidan. Since then the key selling point of fucoidan products was the purity, content of sulfuric acid, and the molecular weight.

As studies continue, the combination of different functional ingredients to make a more powerful fucoidan product has become a key point of purchase. Fucoxanthin can not be isolated in the manufacturing process of fucoidan. Ever since it was discovered that fucoxanthin is a powerful inducing agent of apoptosis, there is a big difference in whether fucoxanthin is added in the fucoidan product or not. Fucoidan products that contain fucoxanthin are sold at 4~5 times higher price vs. general fucoidan products.

Haerim Fucoidan has truly differentiated its fucoidan product by introducing the first hybrid fucoidan product, Fuco-asher that contains not only fucoxanthin but also Curcumin, a powerful anti-cancer material

Higher quality at incredible pricing

Fucoidan has become 3 times more powerful

Company Fucoidan Fucoxanthin Curcumin Remarks




HaerimOriginal Self-production, Sulfate 29% more
K Company (JPN) Sulfate 16%
S Company (JPN) Sulfate 16%
U Company (USA) Sulfate 16%
MixedFucoidanProduct HaerimFuco-Asher Sulfate 29% more
S Company (JPN) No Representation Fucoxanthin content
h Company (JPN) No Representation Fucoxanthin content
Price (g): Based on sales price per 1g of fucoidan stated on each sales company’s website (as of March 23, 2011)
One bottle of Fuco Asher contains as much fucoidan and fucoxanthin that can be harvested from 10kgs of raw wakame and kombu

The amazing price is possible because…

Only Haerim Fucoidan has vertically integrated the manufacturing process from raw materials to final products. We produce fucoxanthin from our fucoidan production process using our own technology We produce these triple ace ingredients at our plant. That’s why our products are different.

For more information

First search the fucoidan internet sites in U.S.A and Japan to compare the ingredients, quality and pricing.

Search for ‘fucoidan’ or フコイダン at www.yahoo.co.jp

http://www.gan-network.com or http://www.fucoidan01.com

If you need information on fucoidan, visit http://url.b17.my/AllFuco

Research all about Fucoasher http://www.b17.my/u-fucoidan-research/

Should you need more specialized research information, simply click the following site


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