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LiverPro Cleanse

LiverPro Cleanse

Today, poor diet and living style are common phenomena in our “civilized” lifestyle. This circumstance is even worse as the advanced technology has contributed to the increase in toxins in our life. Ironically, the liver which is the most important detoxification organ has now become the most toxic organ in our body!

LiverProTM is simply a safe and effective liver cleansing approach that speeds up toxins decomposition while relaxes the hepatic and bile ducts, making it smooth for the stones and toxins to be expelled from the body. Consequently, by giving it a good cleanse is definitely a brilliant way to get your health back on track!


Ingredient of LiverProTM

1. OxyActiveTM


It consists of Ozonated Minerals from mountainous regions, barley powder, burdock, licorice and lemon extract.


  1. Relaxes the muscle and opens up the ducts within the liver, gallbladder and pancreas, which in turn helps the removal of gallstones and toxins.
  2. Releases large amount of oxygen which helps to break down toxins and remove parasites from the liver and digestive tract.

2. Organic Pink Grapefruit Juice


Organic fresh pressed pink grapefruit juice.


  1. Softens the gallstones; its lower acidity reduces the harm to teeth and gum.
  2. Enhances the cleansing process because it is rich in Vitamin C

3. Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil


100% pure organic olive oil


  1. Processed via natural precipitation hence provides good anti-bacteri properties.
  2. Its small molecule aids in detoxification process and reducing discomfort

4. E-balance


Combination of organic molasses sugar and celtic sea salt.


  1. Replenishes various types of electrolytes and recharges the body after the cleanse.

5. Regen


Combination of extracted plant collagen from sea coral grass, organic wild ginseng, organic cordyceps sinensis mycelium (suitable for vegetarians), guarana and stevia.


  1. Enhances body immune system function
  2. Strengthens liver, gallbladder and kidney functions
  3. Restores energy and youthfulness.

6. Organic Wheat Essence (OWE)


Rejuvenation drink made from organic wheat sprout, organic green papaya enzyme, organic barley grass and Japanese oligosacharride.


  1. Effective in breaking down and removing the toxin residue from the body.
  2. Reduces inflammation of cell and repairs damaged cell.
  3. Creates a healthy intestine for the growth of friendly bacteria.

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