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LiverPro The 18-hour Cleanse

LiverPro The 18-hour Cleanse

Liver has direct control over the growth and functioning of every cell in the body. By doing the simple and effective LiverProTM liver and gallbladder cleanse, you will soon get back on track to a healthier lifestyle, and more so with multiple cleanses!

~3 Days Before The Cleanse~

  • Avoid taking cold or chilled food and processed food (3 in 1 beverages, canned fast food and etc.
  • Eat simple diet and reduce intake of animal protein.
  • Drink 1 litre of apple juice daily for 3-5 days. Diabetic patient should replace the apple juice with 50 ml of apple cider mix with 1 litre water.
  • Cleansing 3 days before or after the menstrual period is not advisable.
  • Avoid constipation. Try Organic Wheat Essense to improve constipation condition.


What should I do during the 1st Day of the cleanse?

  1. Eat soft and easily digestible food (porridge, mee hoon, oat, rice cereal or juice.
  2. Avoid any medicines, herbs or supplements unless necessary.
  3. Stop all food intake after 6pm, but may drink warm water or fruit juice.
  4. For those having liver and gallbladder inflammation, gallstones, kidney and heart diseases or pregnant women and children, please seek the advices from our consultant team before the LiverProTM cleanse.
  5. 1st Day of The Cleanse Timetable:


What Should I do during the Second Day of the Cleanse

    1. Do not go back to sleep after waking up at 8 am.
    2. Drink sea salt water, warm water or juice to promote the bowel movement
    3. Types of toxins discharged:
  1. Water soluble toxins: Excretion of turbid water.
  2. Fat soluble toxins: Excretion of hardened stones in yellow, green, white or black colours.
  1. Avoid eating before 12 noon, you may take some oat or plant milk if you are hungry.
  2. For hypertensive or diabetic patients, please check and record blood pressure, sugar level every 1-2 days after cleanse. If blood pressure or sugar level within the normal range, please avoid consuming medicine temporarily. This is because it may cause low blood pressure and sugar level codition.
  3. Please drink some Bentong Ginger Enzyme, molasses, Organic Green Barley or Liver Tea to reduce fatigue.
  4. Second Day of The Cleanse Timetable:




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